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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Books have been available on http://www.longingforeden.com/ for about a month now, and sales have been quite good.  There is also a facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/manage/?act=55710319#!/pages/Longing-for-Eden/193081589433 and folks have posted some testimonials and comments.  Check it out and become a fan, if you haven't alread done so.  Here is one of my favorite comments so far:
Henry, I've spent the week reading and reflecting on "Longing for Eden". God used your honesty and insights to nourish me this week. It's a great book. I'm doing a sermon series on Christian Community and your book sums up the burden of my messages. Calvary is not primarily to save us from our sin and give us a ticket to heaven but to restore broken relationships w/ God and others. Coming to the cross is the starting place of the healing journey. I'm planning to refer to your book this Sunday and encourage folks to read it.

Thanks for being faithful and not letting your brokenness stop your ministry Joe Byler, Pastor Oakdale Mennonite Church
Very kind comments from a pastor I respect.
Thanks for checking in.

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